R.I.S.E. Sovereign


It’s Time For Strong Men and Women to R.I.S.E.

Find your voice, expand your ability to receive, and step into authentic masculine and feminine energy.


Restoring Inherent Sovereignty Everywhere

A Transformational Event

August 30-September 1st, 2024

Holmstead Ranch, near St. George, Utah

Why are men and women always pitted against each other? 

Why is it SO bad lately?

Does this sound familiar?

Women: You feel like you have to band together and make change, because men aren’t spiritual and won’t do it.

Men: You can’t connect to your feelings and are expected to be stoic and firm all the time.  

And “spirituality” and “awakened” retreats pop up everywhere that create even more of a divide.

Women are holding ‘women’s only’ retreats with healing circles, flowing art, and toxic happiness. 

Men are hosting hyper-masculine events where they bang their chests and show off how powerful they are.  

They’re both missing the point.  

That type of thinking is unbalanced.  And it’s hurting all of us. 

The truth is…

BOTH masculine and feminine energy exist within us.  

It’s inherent.  

(Whether you’ve been shoving it down and ignoring it, or not.)  

The balance inside each of us includes:

  • Softness
  • Power
  • Ease
  • Decisiveness
  • Grace
  • Resoluteness
  • Flow
  • Strength
  • Playfulness
  • Courage 

What would it look like if there was a safe space for you to explore this for yourself?  

What if you could be authentic without having to prove your worth to anybody else?  

That’s why we created R.I.S.E. events.  

Because nobody else was creating a space for men and women to exist in the same place without withdrawing to their corners to exchange barbs.  

No oppressing each other.  

No suppressing anything inside of us.  

R.I.S.E. is a safe, clean space to be yourself and all the parts of you without worrying how it’s being perceived…  (and without concern that someone is hitting on you!)  

Be yourself, without any judgment.

What is R.I.S.E?​ R.I.S.E?​

It’s all about Restoring Inherent Sovereignty Everywhere. 

R.I.S.E. Sovereign is an inspiring leadership experiential to:

  • Identify
  • Dissolve
  • Replace limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from the impact you’re meant for.

R.I.S.E. features innovative and powerful exercises in breathwork, interactive movement, social dance, money and wealth upgrades, cold plunge, equine work and SO MUCH MORE! 

Create healing between masculine and feminine energy to support you as you:

  • Anchor peace and self-authority
  • Step into courage
  • Lead in your circle of impact

You will:

  • Create connections with high caliber people (and laugh more than ever!) 
  • Feel permission to be who you ARE without having to defend yourself
  • Learn to use your voice to release, heal and serve
  • Experience safe, nurturing physical touch in a group setting
  • Drop back into your heart so you can serve from an authentic place
  • Receive unique tools to navigate your biggest stressors 

Bottom line, R.I.S.E. is for YOU!

Here’s what R.I.S.E. alumni have to say:

“My heart is still blasted wide open at the love, freedom, integrity, joy and playfulness you all embody.  What a gift.  Thank you!!”  -LeAnn L. 

“R.I.S.E. opened me up to the flow and surrender of life”  -Troy M. 

“Since the R.I.S.E. event, I have had the most divine and powerful healings with my older daughter, my children, my father, my brothers.  Bringing completion and wholeness to the most important relationships in my life.”  -Christopher S. 

What inspired me the most about the R.I.S.E. experience is how many people solved their loneliness.” -Daniel A. 

“Most other events I’ve been to have been mostly on the “conscious” level, but R.I.S.E. clearly made possible the depth I’ve been searching for.  Subtle, yet extremely impactful shifts within and after the R.I.S.E. event supported my desire to become more aware of myself and how I show up to myself, my family and my associates.”  -Maren B. 

“Spending time with you and these divine men was transformative and healing for me, I can’t thank you enough!”  -Trish D. 

R.I.S.E. is NOT for you if:

  • You resist new things
  • You are finished growing
  • You already know everything
  • You refuse to expand your wealth
  • You can’t tolerate amazing, new friends
  • You squirm if something isn’t “girly enough” or “manly enough”
  • You aren’t ready to be a leader, be authentic, and use your voice to serve

How good can you stand it?

Have you ever been surrounded by this much goodness? 

Because R.I.S.E. is as good as it gets! 

Tickets WILL sell out for this event.

If your heart is yearning for this, and your soul is encouraging you to jump – DO IT! 

Get your ticket now for just $595

August 30th – September 1st, 2024

Holmstead Ranch near St. George, Utah

Frequently Asked Questions:

R.I.S.E. begins on Friday, August 30, 2024 at 2:00pm MDT and ends Sunday, September 1st around 4pm. 

Please arrive a few hours early to get settled in before the event starts.  

In order of nearness:

  • Cedar City Regional Airport
  • St. George Regional Airport
  • Las Vegas Airport | Harry Reid International Airport
  • Salt Lake City International Airport

We recommend staying at the Holmstead Ranch for your greatest ease and the most supportive environment.  We have made arrangements for group discount rates which you can access after you purchase a ticket. (The discount code will be in the welcome email you’ll receive.)  Cabins range from $125-375/night. 

Camping is also welcome.  

Food will be lovingly prepared and served on site, a meal ticket is $95.  

If you’d prefer to bring your own food and prepare it, a full service industrial kitchen is available.    

There will not be drugs or alcohol at the event. 

No mind-altering substances are needed at R.I.S.E.

The main event space is on a concrete floor, so bring ample yoga mats, pillows, blankets, mini-chairs, etc. to keep yourself comfortable.  

You aren’t the first to feel this way, but we can guarantee you’ll be swallowed up in warmth and nurturing friendships by the end of day 1.  

This is, without a doubt, an impeccably safe container.  We’ve designed every moment to be safe enough to release, heal and serve.  You can be vulnerable and your TRUE self, nurtured and accepted just as you are.   

You can sit with us.  

Nope, not at all.  We aren’t here to teach you information from a projector while you sit and take notes.  Information is cool, but information alone doesn’t equal transformation.  

Transformation comes through somatic experiential experiences, and that’s exactly what we provide.  You won’t be sitting around talking about breakthroughs, you’ll be on the floor having them.  Breathwork, interactive movement, cold plunge, equine work and more are going to put you years ahead of those who just discuss transformation.  

We will accomplish SO much in just one weekend at R.I.S.E.  It’s hands-on with multiple facilitators and designed so you can thrive at the highest level.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us HERE

Your brain is throwing a lot of excuses at you right now…

Excuses about why you shouldn’t be at R.I.S.E. and why this isn’t the time.

You feel a lot of pressure right now.   

You’ve got a lot of people telling you exactly how you should be living your life.  The noise is loud. 

But you also have intuition, and maybe this is the moment where you say, “I’m in.  I’m doing this for me.  I choose this.”

You have two options today…

#1- You can listen to the excuses and the fears.  Everything is fine, playing small is more comfortable.  You don’t admit your lack of authenticity and harmony and keep shoving down the yearning for more.  


#2- You say YES with courage to new layers of personal power and genius.  You break down limiting beliefs and set yourself free from toxic patterns.  

You find your voice, expand your ability to receive and step into authentic leadership.  You experience harmony, peace and the most FUN you’ve ever had.  

Because you are ALWAYS worth it! 

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